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DAN'S CELL:  712-210-6031
NORA'S CELL: 712-210-5931

HOME PHONE:  712-688-1020

3523 370TH ST
AUBURN, IA 51433

EMAIL: dannora@iowatelecom.net

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How We Got To This Point:
Our interest in the area of land and the people encompassed within district 51 began  140 years ago when 5 generations back, for both Dan and Nora, our forefathers settled in Carroll and Sac County.   Dan has always been an observer and gatherer of information about the people and families of this area and their heritage.  Where Dan's abilities lie are within his love and passion  for detail as it concerns the history of the people in this district and are what compel him to strive to keep intact and regain what has been lost of the motto of Iowa: OUR LIBERTIES WE PRIZE AND OUR RIGHTS WE WILL MAINTAIN.   Dan has followed politics in this state over the years.  Much has caused him concern in  recent events.   He believes that an obligation had presented itself  for  him to now  no longer follow but to step up and take the lead if it be God's will and according to the vote of the people.  That did not happen in the election of 2010 thus, we await to see where God will lead next.  So, until then, please feel free to get to know what we do here under the ENTIRE Dirkx house.

About Us:(as of 4/18/14)
Daniel D. Dirkx
*Age: 50
*1982 Graduate of Carroll High School
*Married 17 years
*Husband of  One Wife: Nora
*Father of 11 Children: 8 boys, 2 girls, and 1 on the way
*Occupations: Truck Driver, Bulldozer Owner/Operator, and Farming
*Employers: Jeff and Gary Koster
*Place of Employment: Koster Grain of  Maple River, IA
*Resides 1/2 mi west of Auburn on hwy 71/175
   beyond the 3 crosses to the north
*Named our personal paradise "BEYOND THE CROSS RANCH" in honor of the fact that   theologically and physically the Dirkx family lives beyond the cross (of Christ)
*Son of (the late) "Fuzzy" and Sheri Dirkx of Breda
*Son-in-law of  (the late) Merle and Peggy Wiedemeier of Carroll
*Interests: Jesus Christ, Family, Farming, History, Horses, The Woods, Bulldozing

Wife, Nora:
-Age 43 years
-Home-schooler of our children
-Trail Boss for Beyond the Cross Riding Ranch
-1988 Graduate of Kuemper Catholic High School
-1993 Graduate of UNI in Education and Music/Voice

Children's names/ages as follows:
Noah, 19 yrs
Israel, 17 yrs
James, 16 yrs
Elijah, 15 yrs
Ezra, 14 yrs
Abraham, 12 yrs
Elsie Jane, 10 yrs
Thaddaeus, 9 yrs
Levi, 7 yrs
Maggie Rose, 5 yrs
Rebekah Ruth, 3 yrs

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The Testimony of Dan D. Dirkx April 2010

I was raised in a family that knew church was very important. I wanted to know who God was but I couldn't find Him in the Catholic Church. As I grew up and served mass I even looked harder. Yet, again, I came up empty. While in the Air Force, I was in Eastern Turkey and started to realize the Bible was historical not just a storybook. Shortly after that I was confronted with my alcohol problem. I won that battle and obtained a form of godliness through AA. This kept me sober but no real salvation.
In February of 1989, I found myself in a Bible study. The Romans Road was laid out in front of me and as I drove home that night I knew that was what I was looking for. I had cried out to God many times in my life before that night. This time was different. I understood my need with my heart and mind. The change was very similar to the change I had from drunk to sober. This change had to do with my spirit man. (Romans 3:23; 6:23; 5:8; 10:9-10).
Over the past 21 years I have grown closer and closer to God with ups and downs as you would expect with any process. My security in Christ has always been a comfort to me. the Lord has given me much and to Him I give myself a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1)

Daniel D. Dirkx
Live and Ride Beyond the Cross

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The Testimony of Nora Kathleen (Wiedemeier) Dirkx written April 2010

I had always, as long as I could remember, been trying to get connected with God. I wanted to know how I could get close to Him. From a very young age my artwork consisted of copies of children's bible story book illustrations and before one of my older sisters went off to college I fashioned a wall-hanging sized wooden cross hand nailed together consisting of two boards complete with an obvious Catholic influence of a drawing of Jesus hanging on the cross. I enacted Catholic mass very often and made sure I almost always was the priest. I read prayer cards at night and tucked them into the slats above me of underside of the top bunk and gazed upon them pondering of who God was knowing there was something still amiss deep within my soul.
I know now that that was the God-instilled yearning for Him; yearning to fill that longing for intimacy with one who could love and accept and care for me like only God could yet didn't know how to get there. As far as my sinfulness is concerned, I didn't have much to add to what I gleaned from the type of religious influence I had had for I had no problem feeling, and still struggle to this day, the heavy had of guilt for my sin upon my shoulders I wanted Him but no one around me knew how to show me the way.
Along came the years where the pursuit of boys and alcohol became the sedative that lulled me into putting that insatiable desire for God far in the background. Yet during this time is when God chose to expose the truth about Him that was missing in the religious upbringing of my formative years. There were siblings of mine that heard and received the truth of Jesus Christ I was looking for and I distinctly remember feeling as though I were sinking into the lazyboy in my sister's home when I first was presented with the reality of the procurement of eternal life. I was at a place im my life; a crossroads where the tug of the world was presenting itself chest to chest with the offer of Christ's shed blood for me. A second reason for the sinking feeling is that somehow I grasped that what I had been presented with was in stark contrast to the religious establishment I was surely going to be required to attend regardless of any change I might make in my own mind, heart, and soul. I was in a tough place. I so wanted and knew I needed what Christ was so graciously, undeservedly was pleading with my soul to take but went away that night not knowing but knowing that I needed to know the Lord. Ouch. But God being the merciful one that He is through that sibling got missionary books in my hand that I, not a reader, devoured. in every chapter there would be a person the Gospel was presented to , they would get into some seemingly insurmountable distress, they would remember the Lord and the things they had heard, the Lord would see to it that they were delivered and after ward they would come to the conclusion that they were convinced that Christ is the only answer for the lost condition of their soul.
As I look back, it had to be within this episode of my life that I, too, along with one or the other of the true life characters I was reading about, decided that I believed upon Christ as the Saviour of my soul from the hell bound direction it deserved to go. I was made free from the eternal consequences that my sinful state deemed I would have to go were it not for Christ substituting himself on the cross for me.
Today, my life is a living testimony of a walk with Christ, for living with another Believer, my husband, with the same struggles as myself against sinful, self-centeredness, and striving to raise 10 children offer challenges that can only, I am convinced, be overcome in victory through every moment being forced to choose to relinquishing my will and my confidence and trust to the arms of my Savior, my brother, my King, my true Love, my friend, my all in all, Christ Jesus of Nazareth who ever intercedes for me at the throne of God because of which I cannot ever, not be forever His from the day he redeemed through eternity. He is that capable of a Savior. Of this I am convinced. I can do no other.

Nora Kathleen Dirkx

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